Holistic Health Saved My Life

Feven K. Amare
Founder of Luma Natural Brand LLC

"When Doctors Said I Wouldn't Have Children, Holistic Health Gave Me Another Chance"

In 2021 I was rushed to the hospital one night because I felt my stomach exploding from the inside out. I still cant fathom the words to describe this pain to anyone. While laying on a cold hospital bed for several hours, a doctor soon explained to me that I was carrying several fibroids the sizes of tangerines and one of them had ruptured near my uterus. I didn't know what a fibroid was at the time, yet I was able to find an explanation of my constant mood swings, weary mind-state, untimely periods, and lack of pregnancy to a source. When the doctors explained to me that they were suggesting immediate surgery I decided to refrain and take some time to do research.

After speaking to nearly ten different specialists in the field across the country, I was only told that I would have to remove my uterus and risk fibroids being a constant occurrence in my life. After praying and crying at the thought of never having a child, I eventually found a holistic doctor who turned my life around and reduced the fibroids . She placed me on a strict diet according to my blood type, used special herbs and natural elements while encouraging me to meditate constantly reminding me that my body is temple that needed healing. Due to these changes, I was able to birth my first child in 2022 nearly a year later. With the blessing of my doctor I took those same natural elements and used them to create Luma Natural ™ to initially help with my son's sensitive skin. Luma Natural ™ has now turned into a full body care brand and we are so blessed to serve our customers.

Natural Is The Name 

All of our products are sourced from the continent of Africa providing high quality unrefined butters used for skin hydration.


Our mailer boxes are specifically designed with recycled paper without damaging our earth.

No Harmful Chemical

All Luma Natural products are made cruelty free, no harmful chemicals or anything that would hurt or damage the skin.

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